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Thursday, August 20, 2020
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Open Strings Music: Musical Box Scheme – now online & on doorsteps

‘I thought it would be really remote-feeling but it wasn’t. It gave me a lift – I was feeling blue and I don’t anymore.’

Are you or a loved one an older person who is socially isolated due to health issues? Would you like to be part of our free Musical Box Scheme (MBS) created especially for you by our skilled DBS-checked community musicians?

We are offering a free service throughout Brighton and Hove where we meet online monthly to make music together and chat about music.

We also bring you a set of wipeable resources each month, to inspire conversation and ideas for music-making. NB: we ensure that these resources have undergone strict infection control procedures in line with the acute healthcare settings that our team also work in.

This is an opportunity to make music-making together and share the music you love with us, a friend or loved one. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss ways in which we could support you or your loved ones to make music:

email Anna or phone 01273 569096

We are looking forward to learning about your favourite music!

Musical Box Scheme is a free Open Strings Music project funded by Thomas Deane Trust and Brighton and Hove City Council.


“Through the Open Strings Music: Musical Box Scheme online I have been making music with B and N. They regularly attended the weekly dementia-friendly Open Strings Music: Sing and Play group sessions together at BHCC Brooke Mead until the project paused due to lockdown.


We really miss the music group. It was a lifeline for us and the highlight of B’s week.


We arranged a time to meet online and as it was our first online music-making session together, we spoke on the phone first to guide through setting up the online software. This did not take long and in no time we were chatting, singing, and playing music together. We sang a welcome song (the familiar song that was sung at the beginning of the group Sing and Play sessions). Next we warmed up our bodies and our voices ready for our musical time together. We played and sang all sorts of different music and B suggested and shared some of his favourite songs. As we all sang, played and moved to the music, it felt like we were connected through the music. I even forgot that we were geographically apart. It was a real privilege to join B and N (and C the dog) in making music in their home.


After our musical time together N said, I thought it would be remote feeling but it wasn’t. I am surprised at how interactive it was. It gave me a real lift. I was feeling blue, but I don’t anymore. We will put some music on and carry on the theme.”


Just before we said goodbye N turned to B and asked “Did you enjoy that?”, “Very much” replied B.


B and N will have a new wipeable box of instruments delivered to their door before we meet online next. I am really looking forward to making more music with them soon.”


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