About Music For Connection

Brighton and Hove Music for Connection (BHMC) is a Community Interest Company (company number 8988791) specialising in providing participatory music opportunities for people of all abilities and backgrounds to connect and create through making music together, for wellbeing,social inclusion, and community building.

Our Vision

Giving every adult a way to create, engage, and express through making sound and music.

Our Values

The values that drive our vision are:

  • Empowerment: we create the conditions for people to create and develop creative skills
  • Responsiveness: we work with local people and communities to develop services that work for them
  • Collaboration: we actively seek and develop work with a wide range of individuals and organisations
  • Social equality, inclusivity, and justice: we offer music-making to people of all backgrounds, abilities, and requirements

We believe that everyone can express themselves and communicate with others using sound.

Through our work we offer people opportunities to explore this, whether through voice, instruments, other sound sources and related creative expression such as movement or mark-making to music.

We believe that sound- and music– making is a powerful tool for social connectivity.

Through creating music together in the moment, people’s sense of wellbeing and shared empathy increases significantly.

Our Mission

Music for Connection’s mission is to promote health and wellbeing, social inclusion, and equality, by enabling the transformative experience of making music together.


  • To enable people to access musical group activities: workshops, projects and events
  • To help participants develop their confidence, self-expression, and musical vocabulary
  • To provide high-quality opportunities for groups of people to play instruments, make sounds, and sing together
  • To promote health and wellbeing by embedding activities which support dexterity, mobility, and cognitive skills
  • To build on and demonstrate excellent practice and contribute to research and development in this rapidly-growing field
Working with Migrant English Project