String Holiday

‘A place you can always make a right sound’

Do away with the fear and liberate your playing! It’s time for String Holiday!

Following the success of our first String Holiday, in April 2024, we’re thrilled to be offering another all-day workshop, at the seaside in September.

String Holiday is a workshop for anyone aged 16 and over who has a little (or lots of!) experience of playing a violin, viola, or cello. We create safe space for you to explore and rekindle the joy of playing your instrument, however long it is since you last played.

Perhaps you haven’t played for a while, are newer to playing with others, are self-taught, or just want to try some new things. String Holiday is for you!

This is a space free from sheet music – we provide the opportunity to play together beyond music reading. Using your ears to guide you, you’ll gently be invited to explore a range of immersive and inspiring creative activities within the group, with plenty of time to reflect and digest.

We draw on various styles and genres to play together in the moment, and we offer lots of different ways to be involved – no-one has to play solo or perform.

We specialise in helping adult string players feel great while focusing on sound and feeling – our workshops are based in consent and trauma-awareness. Our aim is to support you to relax into playing in the present moment within a group of like-minded people, developing musicianship, listening, playfulness, and creativity.

You will need:

  • an instrument and bow (NB: instruments may be provided by prior arrangement)
  • to be able to play a major scale on your instrument (essential) and name the notes of the scale (desirable)
  • your curiosity and listening ears!

NEXT SESSION: Saturday 14th September ’24, 10am-4pm, central Brighton