For HR managers and health & social care professionals

For HR managers and health & social care professionals


Resources for HR managers:


Workplace Harmony: Teambuilding and Staff Wellbeing


‘Very joyful! We would definitely recommend the session for some TLC and mindfulness’ – The Clock Tower Sanctuary, August 2020

How is your team adjusting to remote working? Do you need some TLC?  Our 25-minute creative coffee-break session helps people feel happier, more connected, and engaged – and no musical experience is necessary!

We all learned something new and re-connected with each other: the experience was relaxing, exciting, moving and a good giggle, all at the same time.’ – Amaze

Neuroscience research shows that making music together reduces stress and combats overwhelm. Our experienced and friendly facilitators visit your organisation (either online or safely-distanced) to provide a creative and lively coffee-break session for teams of up to 30 people, to improve wellbeing and connection.


Contact us (below) for more details / call 01273 569096

Resources for residential settings:


a) Open Windows

Our award-winning boredom-busting sessions, bringing isolated residents back into connection with themselves and their community: residents open their windows to join in with our trained facilitators singing and playing from your car park or external garden.

‘Our tenants have no time for screens but they loved singing with you from their rooms’.

Contact us (below) for more details / call 01273 569096

b) Musical Windows

Free short videos to inspire music-making and discussion: favourite songs, stretching to music, music for relaxation and wellbeing, ukulele tips and lots more! Join us at

Resources for staff:


Open Strings Stories

Join us for this video series on using music-making in your setting.


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